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Skyros is a very beautiful island that impresses visitors with its morphology. As a result, there are many beaches to suit all tastes. Sandy beaches, beaches with rocks, small beaches as well as very large beaches...
  • Big central sandy beach and a seaside town near the village where you will find restaurants beach bars (eastern)
  • Girismata, a settlement near the sea with a big sandy beach (restaurant) (eastern)
  • Kareflou, a beach for those who like stone, sand and the rugged natural environment (eastern)
  • Acherounes, the first beach (sandy) we meetwhen we reach to the port of Skyros, Linaria (restaurant) (west)
  • Pefkos has fine sand and is surrounded by trees (restaurant) (west)
  • Aspous settlement which has sandy beach (restaurant) (eastern)
  • Agios Fokas, a sheltered and far enough north beach with sand and pebbles (restaurant) (west)
  • Atsitsa, a picturesque village, which has many small coves and pebble beaches (restaurant) (west)
  • Kyra Panagia, beach pebble that has a chapel that is dedicated to Virgin Mary (west)
  • Kalogria, a sandy beach just before the beach of Kyra Panagia (restaurant) (west)
  • Petritsa a relatively isolated pebbly beach with very beautiful scenery (western)
  • Kolymbada, a pebbled and quite inaccessible beach (southwest)
  • Agios Petros, sandy beach, far enough from the village with emerald waters (restaurant) (northeast)
  • Renes, a beach with difficult access. It has pebbles (southwest)
  • Theotokos, a beautiful small sandy beach (north)
  • Kalamitsa, one of the largest beaches with pebbles (restaurant) (west)
  • Lino, pebble beach (beach bar) (east)
  • Papa to huma, sandy beach (east)
  • Palamari, beach with sand and pebbles near the archaeological site (northeast)
  • Agalipa, sandy beach, accessible mainly by boat (northwest).